My favorite picture of my daughter


This is my favorite current picture of my daughter.  It was at her Junior Prom.  She was escorted by her sassy friend with great hair.  The picture shows Alynne and Jett and their personalities.  He’s probably making fun of her for something and laughing about it.  She is probably trying very hard not to punch him.  They were probably arguing about something ridiculous. The picture makes me smile every time I look at it.

This picture came after several weeks of planning, preparing, purchasing, and discussions about details of prom.  When Jett asked Alynne, I didn’t know his mom.  I knew his older sister and adored her.  She vouched for my character and told her mom we were good people.  Now that’s pressure!  A few weeks after the promposal, Jett’s mom contacted me, wanting to touch base since our youngest children aren’t always good with details.  We chatted, compared notes, and decided to meet for coffee one Sunday afternoon.

I’m sure I’d seen her around, but we’d not met.  We sat down that Sunday afternoon and left the coffee shop FIVE hours later.  The time truly flew.  It was the easiest five hour conversation I have ever had.  We visited like we were old friends who were catching up on years of missed conversations.  We talked about the kids, life, pain, death, dreams, disasters, family, and any number of topics.   Alynne texted asking about a life-threatening food allergy and dinner plans.  Jon texted to see if I had run away.  I missed both of those texts for a few hours.  Thankfully, Alynne avoided the near death experience of Passion Fruit Tea.

Since that afternoon, Jennifer and I have had another marathon gab session or three, a Prom Mom group chat and dinner, a couple of softball games, and daily text barrages.  It stresses her kid out.  For several days, all I got from him was, “Five hours, Mrs. Kettler???  Five hours?  That’s not cool!”  He’s now resigned himself to the fact that his mom has a friend.  That doesn’t mean he likes it.  My kid, on the other hand, thinks it’s just fine.  Jett’s mom is cool!

Our paths, through our children,  have “crossed” in the past.  Jennifer’s daughter, Jordan, is dear to my heart and has been for a few years.  I first met her as a little bitty thing with all of this hair when she was a Sophomore.  We talked multiple times about fears, plans, disappointments, and Jesus, goals, and dreams.  She graduated, and I’ve followed her adventures as she has found her place and taken over her world.  This girl is so driven, fun, a bit dingy, and at peace. She does things in her own special style and certainly leaves a mark.  She makes me smile.

Alynne and Jett have been friends, when Alynne allows it, for awhile now.  I didn’t realize his connection to Jordan until last summer.  I liked the connection.  When Jett asked Alynne to prom (even though there are no pictures to prove this actually occurred), I messaged Jordan.  She was excited and had let her mom know we were good people.  That’s pressure!  I think we did just fine with that.  I love watching how God’s fingerprints get splashed all over your life, even if you don’t realize it’s happening at the time.

I am grateful for Lynnie and Jett, their friendship (for many reasons), and a five hour cup of coffee with Jett’s mom.  It has been such a blessing to me.  It’s been so much fun to laugh with an “old” new friend, generally at the expense of our children.  My favorite picture of my daughter holds an amazing tale that can’t quite be seen and will continue to develop.



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