And so it begins…

We started the “first of the lasts” a couple of weeks ago with Senior Night for volleyball.  It’s times like this that I miss Mama and Daddy the most.  They should be here with us, watching that sassy girl, hugging me when it’s done, meeting her friends and mine.  They’re not, though.  It hurts.

What helps that pain some is that my stepmom came from Stockton and sat on hard bleachers.  She met Alynne’s friends and mine. She giggled at the exchange between Jennifer and Jett and Jett and Alynne and Fischer and everyone.  She was happy to see that silly girl and be part of her night.

Jay and Loree were there, too.  These are two people we love dearly.  I am so eternally grateful for them, and I hope they know it.  They drove to Stockton for Daddy’s funeral, and they didn’t have to.  I love them, and so do the kids.  It’s nice to have bonus grandparents!

JeanAnne and Bruce came.  They don’t miss the important things.  I’m glad they are involved and want to be part of the chaos.

Jennifer came for me.  I’m not a sappy Senior parent.  My kid has been ready to be out of the Halls of Troy since she was a Sophomore.  I know that and understand that.  But, sometimes, us moms need each other as we go through the lasts. Jennifer knows that. Her son asking my daughter to prom has turned out to be a gigantic blessing for me.

The best part of my night, besides watching my kid play, was seeing her smile. Lots. It’s been a very long time that the grin hasn’t been forced. She’s peaceful and happy. I needed that. So does she.  


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