A Tale of Two Rings

Nearly 27 years ago, Jon proposed to me at Chandler Court at the Plaza in Kansas City. He didn’t get down on one knee, but I have mostly forgiven him for that. We had women in the Halls window cheering us on and several specatators around the fountain clapping and offering congratulations. He gave me a beautiful ring, so much more than I expected! I had always envisioned a very simple setting and single stone. This one had 15 diamonds! I loved it.

Fast forward about 12 years, and I started to notice a rash on my finger. I started to wash and dry my hands very carefully, hoping the rash was a reaction to wet fingers or soap. I quit using lotion and bought different soap. I quit wearing it at night. Nothing helped. I was allergic to the gold. I was crushed. We discussed having it reset but never did. Then we found “my” ring on an impromptu shopping trip in New Orleans. My beautiful engagement ring sat in my jewelry box.

Fast forward another 15 years, and my boy was looking at rings for his girl. Jon and I talked. I also asked Alynne if she would like it. In typical Lynnie fashion, she said, “Probably shouldn’t wait for me on that one.” We offered it to Aaron. He and took the ring to a jeweler to look at options. His face lit up when he found the perfect setting for his beautiful girl.

Two weeks ago, Aaron asked Jacqueline to be his wife on a beach in St. Augustine and gave her a new ring filled with so many memories and love. He did get down on one knee. She did say yes.

Sweet Jacqueline, I am so happy you are going to be part of our family. I hope you love your ring and my boy as much as I do!


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